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As technology continues to advance, it is important for schools to stay up-to-date and incorporate new technologies into their teaching and learning practices. Here are five technology goals that schools should consider implementing in 2023:
Promote digital literacy: One of the key goals for schools in 2023 should be to promote digital literacy among their students. This can involve providing students with the skills and knowledge they need to navigate the digital world, such as how to use various software and applications, how to protect their privacy online, and how to find and evaluate sources of information.
Enhance online learning: Another important goal for schools in 2023 should be to enhance online learning. This can involve providing students with access to high-quality online resources and tools, such as interactive learning materials, simulations, and videos, as well as ensuring that students have the necessary hardware and connectivity to access these resources.
Utilize data and analytics: Schools should also consider utilizing data and analytics to improve student learning and support decision-making. This can involve using technology to track student progress and identify areas for improvement, as well as using data to inform instructional strategies and policies.
Promote collaboration and teamwork: Technology can also be used to promote collaboration and teamwork among students. This can involve providing students with tools such as online collaboration platforms and video conferencing software, which can help facilitate group work and project-based learning.
Enhance school administration: Finally, schools should consider implementing technologies to streamline and improve school administration, such as by using online platforms for student registration, scheduling, and grading. This can help save time and improve efficiency, allowing teachers and staff to focus on what matters most: student learning.
By focusing on these technology goals, schools can help ensure that they are prepared to meet the needs of their students in the digital age.

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